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“People are more powerful than they ever imagined. Regardless of how challenged they’ve been, they can live an inspired life and thrive."

When you want to Feel More PowerfulFocus Your LifeFind Inner PeaceForgive The PastFollow Your Dreams

The SOS Method Quickly Helps You

You Have A Secret Power.
It’s Called Mind+Body Intelligence

It’s Always Available. To Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Cutting edge science is just starting to validate what ancient wisdom has known for centuries: your mind+body intelligence is a life-changing resource when you activate it. You can rewire your brain to stop stress, reduce anxiety, boost confidence and feel more hope and joy.

I Can Show You How to Activate Yours

Journey out of suffering and stress.
Gain more strength and success.
Get access to master sessions, events, and resources.


  • Reducing Cultural Division + Social Distress
  • Ending Bullying and Abuse Cycles
  • PTSD Recovery & Managing Future Trauma
  • Stress – Stopping A Silent Killer
  • Eliminating Shame
  • Blame and Mind Games
  • Healing Broken Parenting
  • Managing Mental Health and Insomnia
  • Epigenetics and Releasing Ancestral Pain
  • Empowerment to Follow Your Dreams
  • Depression & Suicide Prevention
  • Special Programs for BIPOC & LGBTQIA communities

Expand Your Power and Peace. Transform Your Life.

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